What Happens If You Do Not Go To Court After Being Bailed Out Of Jail?

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What Happens If You Do Not Go To Court After Being Bailed Out Of Jail?

22 May 2019
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If you are going to use a bail bondsman to get a friend or relative out of jail, you should realize the consequences you could face if your loved one failed to go to court after getting out. Going to court to face the criminal charges he or she has is a requirement when getting bailed out of jail, and there are several key consequences you could face and he or she could face from missing a court appearance.

The court will issue a warrant

The first thing to know is that, unless the defendant contacts the court right away after missing a hearing, the court will issue a warrant for the person's arrest. A person is only able to get out on bail if he or she agrees to attend all court hearings for the crime in question. Failing to do this will result in being put back in jail. If there is a good reason for missing a court hearing, the court will typically postpone issuing a warrant and allow the defendant a second chance to show up.

You might have to repay the bail loan

The second consequence is one you might face if you were the one who signed the bail bond agreement. This consequence may require that you repay the bail loan in full. A bail bondsman has conditions with the loans offered, and one of the conditions is that the defendant must follow all court orders. Failure to do this can result in the bail bondsman losing the money they issued for the release of this defendant, and the person who signed the loan agreement will be held responsible to repay it.

The court could offer a harsher penalty for the defendant

Another consequence of this is that the court will often give a harsher penalty to the defendant. Courts do not look favorably on people who violate orders, including not showing up to court hearings, and your friend might suffer more consequences from the court simply for missing one scheduled court hearing.

Helping a friend get out of jail is a great thing to do in most cases as long as you realize the potential consequences both you and the defendant face if he or she does not follow through with the requirements of the court. To learn more about bail bonds and the process of getting one, contact a bail bondsman in your city today.