How To Get Your Property Back After Your Relative Jumps Bail

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How To Get Your Property Back After Your Relative Jumps Bail

5 August 2019
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You stuck your neck out for them and traded your property deed for a bail bond to get them out of jail -- you had that much faith and trust in this person you sprung from jail. Now they are gone, and you are homeless because of it. Unfortunately, the law does not bend when you trade your home for a bail bond and the person jailed jumps bail. You will have thirty days, at best, to remove all of your belongings from the home and find a place to live -- assuming the law allows it and the bail bond agent is generous. Not all states and not all bail bonds will give you that much time. 

On the other hand, you may be wondering if there is any way to get your property back. Well, there is and there is not -- it can be a bit tricky. Here are some possible solutions to regaining what was once yours before the bond jumper left town and left you homeless:

The Bond Agent Will Sell or Auction the House and Land

Usually, in order to get the cash that equals the bail bond secured to release your missing relative, the bond agent will either sell the property through a real estate agency or auction off the house. An auction is usually faster, as the bond agent will get their cash on the same day as the auction. People who come to the auction have to place serious bids only and bring their cash with them. If you can come up with the full current value of your former home and land and bring it to the auction, you might be able to retake it in this sale. 

If the bond agent chooses to sell through a real estate agency, that is even better news for you. You only have to bring twenty percent down to buy back the property through the agency, which you can probably borrow via another mortgage loan. The agent does not lose their money, and you can get your house back. Be prepared for either scenario. 

You Pay for a Bounty Hunter to Bring the Relative Back

Some states allow a short period of time to retrieve the bail jumper and bring them back to court. If this can be accomplished, you will not have to fully relinquish your home. However, you will have to pay for the bounty hunter's services, and sometimes that can cost more than just letting the property and house go to auction or sale and then getting it back with the funds you would have used to secure the bounty hunter's services.

For more information, contact a bail bonds company in your area.