4 Options You Have for Getting Out of Jail

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4 Options You Have for Getting Out of Jail

20 May 2020
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Are you stuck in jail or suspect that you will be soon? If so, you might want to know what options you have for getting out. No one enjoys being stuck in jail, so you should find out your options for getting released. Here are the four options you might have if you need a way out of jail.

Ask for an ROR

The first method involves asking the judge to let you out on your word that you will follow up with your court hearings. This method requires the judge to agree to release you on your own recognizance (ROR). Anyone can ask the court to approve a ROR, but asking does not guarantee that the judge will approve the request. You must have evidence to justify asking the judge for this option, and you might benefit by talking to a lawyer about this first. The jail must release you without you paying any money if the judge approves the request.

Pay the Cash Bail

The second option you have is to pay the bail with cash. Most people have this option available to them, but it requires coming up with cash. The amount of money you need is something the court or jail will tell you. It might be a lot of money, or it might not be a lot. It depends on your charges and criminal history.

Use a Bail Bond Agent for Assistance

If you discover that the bail is more than you can afford to pay, talk to a bail bonds agent. An agent can pay the bail for you if you work out a deal. You will need some money for this to happen, but you will not need as much as you would for cash bail.

Wait Until the Judge Issues You a Release

The only other choice you have is to wait until you complete your case. When you complete the case, the judge will release you after you serve the necessary time. With this option, you will be in jail the longest, though.

These are the four options you have for getting out of jail. If you want the easiest and fastest option, talk to a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent can explain the process to you and let you know the requirements for assisting you. A bail bond agent can help you get out of jail today!