Out On Bail: Know What Is Okay and What Is Not

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Out On Bail: Know What Is Okay and What Is Not

24 February 2022
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Once you are released from jail after being bailed out, you must pay close attention to your actions. Read on to find out what may be okay to do and what is definitely not okay to do.

Bail Bonds: Affordable Freedom

Being bailed out of jail using a bail bond is the most convenient and inexpensive way to get out of jail. However, all bail situations demand that the offender follow the rules. Failure to do so can result in the revocation of the bail bond and a return to jail. Along with that can come an additional charge. It's vital that those using a bail bond to obtain freedom from jail read their paperwork carefully so that they understand the rules. A summary of some common bail conditions can be found below:

Restricted Travel

Many of those arrested are told not to leave the area. That might mean the county or the state. In many cases, you can leave the area if you get permission from the judge, however. In most cases, those facing a court date must not travel outside of the country. It may be possible to travel outside the country for an emergency, but judges usually want people to stay nearby to avoid missing the court date.

Court Dates 

The main reason those arrested can be out on bail is that they promise to return for a future court date. You must appear in court on the appointed day and time, or the judge could have you arrested. Bail bond agents also have the power, in some states, to take you into custody for failing to appear in court.

Keep Working

It's not unusual for bail to include a rule that you continue to work at your job. If you don't have a job, you may be required to show proof that you are looking for one. You will need the funds to pay for legal help and for any fines once you appear in court. Getting and keeping a job can also make you look more stable and responsible when it comes time for sentencing.

Other Conditions

Other bail conditions may depend on the crime to which the defendant is charged. Drug tests, counseling, not carrying weapons, and not associating with criminals can be on the list.

Following the bail conditions is a minor issue compared to spending time in jail. To find out more about bail conditions and how to obtain bail bonds services, speak to an agent in your city.