3 Ways Bail Bonds Can Make Posting Bail Easier

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3 Ways Bail Bonds Can Make Posting Bail Easier

2 December 2022
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Bailing a loved one out of jail can often be a stressful task for many people. Thankfully, the use of bail bonds can often make this task easier. Continue reading below to learn more about the three ways bail bonds can make posting bail easier for you. 

#1: Avoid The Wait At The Jail

Depending upon the size of your local jail, the number of employees working in the bail office, and the number of people hoping to post bail at any given time, you could find yourself waiting anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to make a cash bail payment. The potential for long wait times can make it difficult for many people to fit this important task into their already busy schedules. When you choose to post a bail bond rather than posting cash bail, you will be able to avoid this wait at the jail. In fact, there will be no need for you to visit the jail in person at all unless you choose to meet your loved one there after their release. This is because your bondsman will take care of delivering the bond to the jail for you. 

#2: Spend Less Money Upfront 

Perhaps the biggest problem that people face when posting bail is coming up with all the money needed to accomplish this task. Bail bonds help to make this task easier by only requiring you to have a portion of the full bail amount upfront. While you will remain responsible for the entire amount of your loved one's bail, you will only need to pay this full amount if your loved one fails to show up in court as instructed by the judge. 

#3: Never Wait For The Bail Office To Open 

It is common for local jails to only accept cash bail payments during regular business hours. This is because while the jail may operate 24/7, the bail office at the jail is typically open only during business hours. This means that if you want to make a cash bail payment, your loved one will need to remain in custody until the bail office opens again on the next business day. This could be a serious issue if your loved one is arrested over the weekend or on a holiday when the bail office may not be open for a few days. Bail bonds allow you to avoid this issue since bonds can typically be obtained and are accepted at the jail around the clock.