Prolific Myths Associated With Obtaining A Bail Bond

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Prolific Myths Associated With Obtaining A Bail Bond

28 March 2023
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No one wants to spend time in jail when they have responsibilities awaiting in the everyday world. Therefore, when you live in a state that allows it, considering a bail bond so you can be released is recommended. While bail bonds can be advantageous, they are also associated with a lot of myths. Take a look at a few of the most common myths associated with bail bonds. 

Myth: A bail bonds agent can charge whatever they want in additional fees. 

When you work with a bail bonds agent, they will charge a certain percentage of the bail for the services they provide. And, there can also be additional fees associated with the services. However, bail bond agents do face caps in most states that determine exactly how much they can charge in additional fees. Some states have actually capped the total amount a bail bondsman can charge at eight percent

Myth: A bail bond involves the agent paying your full bail to get out. 

When you work with a bail bondsman, they are not actually paying the full amount of bail so you can get out of jail. Instead, the agent provides a written surety bond to the court that states they will pay for the bail in full if you, the defendant, do not go to court. This is why so many bail bondsmen require some type of collateral or creditworthiness before they will offer their services. Likewise, this is also why you may have a hard time getting a bail bond if you have ever had issues legally and did not go to court as required. 

Myth: Bail bond agencies are extremely selective about collateral. 

Most bail bond agencies will work with you if you have just about any kind of collateral. Many will accept:

  • Real estate property 
  • Vehicles 
  • Bonds 
  • Jewelry

The biggest aspect the bail bond agent will consider is whether the collateral you have to offer will stand good for what you owe the court in the event you do not return on the designated court date. 

Myth: You can't work directly with a bail bond agent; your family has to do it. 

It is not uncommon for bail bondsmen to work with family members who are trying to help a loved one get out of jail. However, even if you do not have a relative or loved one in the area that can help you, you can still work with a bail bond agency for help. 

For more information on bail bonds, contact a company near you.