What Inmates Should Know About Bailing Out Of Jail

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What Inmates Should Know About Bailing Out Of Jail

28 June 2023
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Sitting in a jail cell is not a comfortable experience, but sometimes it is where life leads for some individuals. Sometimes getting locked up is justified, while other times people who are innocent can end up in a jail cell. Fortunately, the justice system allows inmates to prove that they did not commit alleged crimes and the chance to get out of jail. An inmate does not have to wait until he or she receives an official verdict to be released from jail if a judge decides to set a bond. After a bond amount has been set, contacting a bail bonds agent is a fast way for an inmate to get released.

What Determines the Bond Amount?

If a judge decides to set a bond for an inmate, the amount of money depends on several factors. One of the factors is the type of crime that an inmate has allegedly committed. For example, if an inmate has been accused of murdering someone, the bond amount is likely to be costlier than for other crimes. Another factor that determines the bond amount is the criminal background of the inmate in question. The risk of an inmate becoming a fugitive from the law is another thing that will be considered.

Does a Bail Bonds Agent Require a Fee?

When an inmate requests the services of a bail bonds agent, the services will not be provided free of charge. Bail bond agents get paid for their services by charging inmates a small percentage of the bond amount that was set by a judge. An inmate should contact a loved one to get the bail bonds process started, as a cosigner is usually needed. In an effort to prevent an inmate from skipping town after he or she is bailed out of jail, the cosigner agrees to make sure the inmate goes to court. The cosigner also takes financial liability for the inmate if he or she does not cooperate.

When Will an Inmate Be Released?

When working with a bail bonds agent, an inmate will be bailed out of jail as soon as the small fee has been paid. However, the time that it takes the jail to process all of the paperwork plays a role in the release time as well. In any case, the release process is done in a timely manner on the bail bond agent's part. An inmate can ask a relative to speak to a bail bonds agent on his or her behalf to get answers to any questions of concern. 

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