Things To Consider Before Opening A New Checking Account

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Things To Consider Before Opening A New Checking Account

27 July 2017
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Opening a new checking account is something you need to research well. Whether it is your first checking account or an addition to your current account, there are several features you will want to know about before opening your account. Get to know the banks and what the features they offer if you are wanting to open a new checking account.

  • Compare the Different Banks

Different banks give different options for checking accounts. When you open a checking account, be sure to be aware of all the opportunities awaiting you. For example, many banks offer a variety of checking accounts, including money market accounts, back-to-basics accounts, and Direct Deposit accounts. Each checking account is tailored to your specific financial needs. You want to ensure you choose the best account.

  • Benefiting from Reward Programs

A checking account from any bank will offer you rewards and benefits just by spending or saving money in your account. Do not just open an account to keep your money safe in; check out the reward programs that give you a side bonus. For example, many banks provide free online banking and a free checking card in return for you to just keep track of your purchases and direct deposits. Reward Programs save and make you money, so be sure to check them out before you commit to a bank.

  • Going Online to Bank

Monthly paper statements provide a tangible form of recording your checking account status, but opting for online banking keeps you up to date every day instead of just once a month. Banks will offer you their free online system, but you should be aware in case they do charge you for the service. Going online helps to prevent overdrafts and the fees that come with it.

  • Courtesy Pay and What It Means

When you overdraft, you are charged a certain amount for going over your allotted funds. The fee for this can be quite hefty. You must read the fine print in the overdraft policy. Some only charge you what it costs them to cover your overdraft and protect you from having to pay card or merchant fees. Others may charge you for transferring the funds from one account to the other to cover your purchases.

Opening a checking account is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Do yourself a favor and look at the features of checking accounts that make your life easier. Your banking experience will be much more enjoyable.