How To Know If You Are Ready To Commit To Getting A Bail Bond For Someone

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How To Know If You Are Ready To Commit To Getting A Bail Bond For Someone

31 July 2017
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Before you commit to signing for a bail bond to get someone you are friends with or related to out of jail, you will want to take a few moments to consider some vital points. This is just so you can go into this legal agreement understanding everything that will be required and what could happen if the person you have bailed out of jail does not do their part.

You Are Financially Responsible For The Total Bail Amount

Should things go wrong, such as the person you bailed out of jail skipped state, the bail bondsman can hold you legally responsible for the total amount of the bail. Usually, when the bail is a large amount of money, the person signing for the bail will be asked to put something up as collateral, such as their home. This means should you find yourself required to pay back the bond in full and you are unable to, you may be forced from your home through a foreclosure.

You May Be Checked Up On

Should the bail bondsman ever have some trouble getting in touch with the person you bailed out, he or she may show up at your door asking questions. The bondsman may even have a search warrant and will need to go through your entire home and all over the exterior of your property to see if you are hiding your friend or family member in there. Even if you aren't, they cannot be sure, so you will have to face this inconvenience even if you did not know that the person you bailed out was not doing their part. When you signed for the bail bond, you stated that you would ensure that the person you were having sent home from jail would attend all court dates and would stay in contact with the bondsman as the bondsman requires.

This a huge personal, legal, and financial responsibility that you will take on should you decide to go ahead and obtain the bail bond. This is not to say that you shouldn't do it, but you will now be fully aware of just what it is that you are committing to. The more you know going into this type of agreement the better. Also, should you have any additional questions or concerns, you can ask to sit down and discuss them with the bail bondsman before you sign any paperwork.

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