3 Ways a Broken-Down Vehicle Can Mess up Your Life

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3 Ways a Broken-Down Vehicle Can Mess up Your Life

8 August 2017
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Many modern consumers depend highly on their vehicles for a variety of reasons, and when a car breaks down, it can throw quite a monkey wrench into your regular routine. If you're like many people, you don't have the cash on hand to cover immediate repairs, and asking friends and family for a short-term loan is often a fruitless task. You may also have to wait weeks until your next paycheck in order to have the funds to get your car fixed.

Some people have found that getting a payday loan is the best solution in situations where cars have broken down during the middle of a pay period. The following are just three of the ways that not immediately repairing a broken-down vehicle can mess up your life. 

You May Not Be Able to Get to Work

Most people can probably piece together a way to get to and from work for a couple of days with only a minimum of inconvenience--and they can perhaps go for longer, depending on their circumstances. If your work is close enough to walk or bike, you're in luck, or perhaps you live in an area with good public transit. However, if none of these is applicable to your situation, you may find yourself missing work due to lack of transportation. Missed work not only means missing out on money; it could cause your employer to see you as irresponsible.

You May Not Be Able to Get to the Store

Even if getting to work and back is possible until you get your next paycheck, you will probably experience difficulty with essential errands such as grocery shopping. Of course, you could always order delivery for the duration of the problem, but the costs of that would likely be way more than you would pay in interest for a short-term payday loan. 

You Won't Have a Vehicle in an Emergency 

You can--and should--call 911 in life-or-death situations, but dealing with lesser emergencies can be extremely difficult without a car. For instance, you or a family member may need medical treatment that's somewhat serious but doesn't warrant calling for an ambulance--and many municipalities require that you pay for ambulance service. Even cabs and services like Uber are becoming so expensive that it's worth a couple of trips across town to get a payday loan for getting the car fixed ASAP.

If you're dealing with a broken-down vehicle, you might want to consider free payday loans.