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Do you remember the last time you ran out of money? If you are like most people, you might find yourself scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for extra cash more often than not. I realized that I needed some extra money a few months ago when we were building a house and our daughter was hurt, so I started talking with different loan and financing professionals to see what my options were. After I sorted out what I needed, the experts really helped me to find a loan that worked with my lifestyle. Check out this blog for great information on loans.


Choose The Right Mortgage When You’re Ready To Buy Your First Home

18 August 2019
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Getting a mortgage for your first home is probably one of the most stressful parts of the home-buying process. Mortgages can be difficult to understand, and you want to know your options since a home is a huge investment you'll be paying down for a long time. Here are some loan options to talk over with a mortgage lender when you're buying your first house. A Fixed-Rate Mortgage With Set Payments Read More …

How To Get Your Property Back After Your Relative Jumps Bail

5 August 2019
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You stuck your neck out for them and traded your property deed for a bail bond to get them out of jail -- you had that much faith and trust in this person you sprung from jail. Now they are gone, and you are homeless because of it. Unfortunately, the law does not bend when you trade your home for a bail bond and the person jailed jumps bail. You will have thirty days, at best, to remove all of your belongings from the home and find a place to live -- assuming the law allows it and the bail bond agent is generous. Read More …

Buying A Home With No Down Payment — Is It Really Possible?

17 June 2019
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If you're like most people who are just beginning to explore the possibility of making their first home purchase, you're probably understandably skeptical when you see vague online claims that it's possible to buy a house with no down payment. Because these are sometimes teasers designed to get you talking to a real estate agent or private seller, a certain amount of caution is completely understandable. However, there are actually are opportunities for consumers to purchase property without having to put down an out-of-pocket down payment. Read More …

What Happens If You Do Not Go To Court After Being Bailed Out Of Jail?

22 May 2019
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If you are going to use a bail bondsman to get a friend or relative out of jail, you should realize the consequences you could face if your loved one failed to go to court after getting out. Going to court to face the criminal charges he or she has is a requirement when getting bailed out of jail, and there are several key consequences you could face and he or she could face from missing a court appearance. Read More …

Out On Bond? 3 Reasons You May Miss Your Court Date

26 April 2019
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If you were arrested and a court date has been scheduled for you to appear in from of the judge for you sentencing, it is crucial that you be there—in the right place and at the right time. More than likely, you are out of jail on a bond, and if you miss your court date, the money that was paid will be owed to the bail bondsman, in addition to the criminal consequences that you will face on top of the original criminal penalties. Read More …